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Art Department News

Art Department News

Art exhibition

6th July saw the annual art and Photography exhibition showcasing the work of all the GCSE and A level artists. There was a huge crowd of people including a lot of ex-students here both to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the founding of the school but also to mark the retirement of the current Head of Art Mr. Crawford who is leaving the school after 19 years. There were over 100 artists showing work in the exhibition which ranged from small scale photographs to enormous paintings on canvas.

Year 9 Art and Photography trips

The art Department took all those Year 9 students who have opted for Art and Photography on two separate research trips at the end of term. The artists went to the Yorkshire sculpture park to look at, draw from and write about the work on show - including some giant ‘Pop art’ sculptures made by the artist ‘Kaws’ as well as the more traditional work by henry Moore and Barbara Hepworth.

The Photographers went on a research photo shoot to York where they were studying and taking photos of the different images in York Minster, the medieval streets, people going about their business and at the Railway museum.

The purpose of both trips was to kick start the GCSE courses and encourage both artists and photographers to start looking around them and exploring galleries and photo opportunities in their local area in preparation for when the full course starts next September.

Art and I.T. Enrichment

For two days in the last full week of the term, the Art and I.T. Departments got together and devised a programme of work for the whole school looking at the work of Andy Warhol and making their own versions of his style of photographs using self portrait photography as the starting point. This was part of the whole school initiative to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the founding of the school. The idea was to have a digital record of all the pupils in the school on this occasion, but made in a very different way to the normal school photos.

Art Department News

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