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Collaborating 4 success

Collaborating 4 success

KJS teachers were among 400 delegates from four North Yorkshire schools who joined forces to ‘Collaborate 4 Success’.

This first joint teaching and learning conference was co-ordinated by Carole Walton, King James’s School, Knaresborough; Jane Summers, Sherburn High School; Hannah Millett, Thirsk School and Rebecca Glover, Tadcaster Grammar School and was hosted at Tadcaster.

Collaborate 4 Success was the brainchild of all four women, who felt that there was an opportunity to develop practice through collaboration and to inspire and motivate teachers.

Leading and setting the tone for the day was Alistair Smith, who has been described as the UK’s leading trainer in modern learning methods. He has delivered more than 1,100 training and development events and is still counting. Mr Smith is the author of best-selling books, including books on learning, brain development and, more recently, on the culture of high performing schools. He works in both education and sport and is known for high quality presentations and innovative approach to development and coaching.

“I was very impressed by the positivity and energy of all the staff who I worked with today,” said Mr Smith. A huge commitment had been made to organise and deliver a wide range of very impressive workshops; the true beneficiaries of which will be the young people in the four schools, he stressed.

Twenty workshops were held throughout the day highlighting numerous topics, including coaching and mentoring, striving for excellence, strategies for reading, creating a positive environment for learning, philosophy for children and multimedia as a classroom tool. Most of the workshops were delivered by staff from the four schools; thus strengthening the model of peer learning the schools wish to embed.

“The day was a huge success with tremendous energy and enthusiasm being seen,” said Geoff Mitchell, Headteacher at Tadcaster Grammar School. “Colleagues were hugely appreciative of the sentiments of the keynote speaker Alistair Smith, whose experience and common sense talking was particularly welcomed at a time of such educational chaos,” added Mr Mitchell.

“We hope that the delegates found the day inspiring, motivating and enjoyable and trust that this is the start of many opportunities for our schools to ‘Collaborate 4 Success’,” said Rebecca Glover.

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