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Cordoba Exchange: A Student´s View

Cordoba Exchange: A Student´s View

The Cordoba Exchange is a wonderful opportunity to meet new people and learn about different cultures first hand. The days were crammed full of activities and educational visits to landmarks around Cordoba as well as the surrounding cities. The day trips to Granada and Seville were a great experience with early starts but it was all worth it for the beautiful sites and historical architecture. Walking through the mosque, all you can smell are oranges and there are fountains as far as you can see.

The evenings were the best part - spending time with your classmates as well as the Spanish students and their families; reading poetry and trying classic Spanish foods such as tortilla and empanadillas. The most rewarding part was reconnecting with the students who we hadn’t seen since February.

So if you want to take a chance and meet new people - the Spanish Cordoba Exchange could be an option for you!

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