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Disneyland Paris 2017

Disneyland Paris 2017

Disneyland Paris May 2017 - by Lauren Burnham

On Saturday May 27th, the 10th Annual King James’s trip to Disneyland Paris set off heading for the sun of France, leaving a slightly chilly Knaresborough behind.

After a fairly uneventful journey, complete with a marathon of Disney classics, we arrived at the Explorers Hotel (albeit slightly late from being stuck in a traffic jam that delayed us by about an hour).  Exhausted from our long coach journey we all made our way to our rooms to try to get some sleep, tomorrow was going to be a long but magical day!

The next day, the students and (almost all) the staff caught the shuttle bus to Disneyland, leaving behind a rather chatty Mr Smith, who due to talking to the coach drivers managed to miss the bus…ooops!

Eventually catching up with the rest of the group, a rather embarrassed Mr Smith handed out the tickets and it was finally time to venture into the Disney Studio Park, the temperature was already heading nicely towards 30 degrees! 

Then after being let loose in the park, many of us took the opportunity to spend time on the rides and watch the dramatic shows.  There were many highlights including the famous “Tower of Terror” and the “Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster” as well as Miss Bowe being accosted by a storm trooper who wanted a better look at Mr Smith’s T-Shirt.  After an exhilarating morning, we all moved to the larger of the two parks, the Disneyland Park, for the remainder of the afternoon.  Everyone loved this park especially the stunning castle of Aurora and the world famous “Hyperspace Mountain”.  We even got the chance to meet some of our favourite characters too!

Following on, in the evening the meal was provided by “Billy Bob’s” an all-you-can-eat Tex-Mex buffet, where everyone ate at least 4 delicious courses, some teachers managed 5!  After the meal, everyone was stuffed and it was back to the park to enjoy even more rides but with the benefit of no queues!

Shortly after, we all grouped together to watch the spectacular evening fireworks with the beautiful backdrop of the castle, moon and stars.  Watching the fireworks brought back many childhood memories and it was safe to say emotions were running high on the way back to the hotel.

Monday brought us just as much fun as Sunday, if not more and although we expected rain, it never came, just glorious sunshine that thankfully was cooler and a little more bearable than the 30 degree heat of Sunday.  After another tasty meal, this time a burger at “Planet Hollywood”, the group split with the worn out pupils making their way back to the hotel with Mr Hamer and Miss Radcliffe, while the hardened few (well majority) stayed in the park with Mr Smith, Miss Mumford and Miss Bowe to see the enchanting fireworks for a second time.  They were just too good to miss!

With a big bag full of memories, we all said a fond and slightly emotional farewell to Disneyland and the Explorers Hotel on Tuesday morning and began the long journey back to the UK. The trip was a tremendous success and Mr Smith had a small tear in his eye as he left for the final time. After 10 years of running the trip, this was to be his last time taking the pupils of King James´s School to Disneyland.


Disneyland Paris 2017

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