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Enrichment Week

Enrichment Week


As King James’s School reaches its 400 year anniversary, it’s all about celebrating in style. Over the last three months, both students and teachers have teamed together to organise a whole week jam-packed with fun-filled workshop and interactive activities all incorporating the big 400! Since 1616, a LOT has changed, and enrichment week is primarily focusing on celebration of the past, present and even the future!

Come Friday 22nd July, all students will be participating in “The big walk”- a 10 mile route mapped out around Knaresborough, which undoubtedly will be the largest event known to students! All donations are supporting local charities, giving students the opportunity to feel involvement amongst the local communities.

In addition, year groups will be combining to create a scheme of interactive workshops throughout the week with over 20 different activities over various subject departments; the sky really has been our limit. Whether it be an hour of treasure hunting around the castle yard, followed by Mr Snow’s famous “Historic tour of Knaresborough” or tumbling around the obstacle course in the school gym, before battling it out to take on extreme tug of war!

If that wasn’t enough, on Thursday 21st, all students will find themselves venturing off on several different coaches heading for a day packed with thrills and excitement. For those seeking adventure, we’ve Light water Valley, Flamingo Land, Dalby Forest, Xscape as well as a whole lot more lined up, and that’s only a few of the destinations in mind! A guaranteed, unforgettable day to mark our big birthday!

With spirits running high, and the marvellous weather on our side, we’re all set for a week of success and celebration, let the week commence!

Article written by Georgia Braithwaite in Year 12

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Enrichment Week

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