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German Exchange 2016

German Exchange 2016


A fabulous week was had by all recently when fifteen Year 9-11 students and three staff members headed off by coach and ferry to spend a week with our host partners from Brüder Grimm Schule in Bebra. This year not only marks the 400 year anniversary of the foundation of King James’s School but also marks 42 years of friendship between our school and our partner school in Bebra. We still believe it’s one of the longest running exchanges between a British and German school!

After a very long journey, we were somewhat nervous about meeting our hosts despite the fact all students had been in contact via social media and email! The first day was spent with families as well as catching up on sleep! Various reports of trips to Fulda, the lake just outside Bebra and the largest nearby town, Hassel, were reported with all having much fun as well as getting to grips with the language!

We spent time in school experiencing lessons in German. One particular highlight was our Biology lesson where we had a practical session dissecting a pig’s eye! We were even invited into English lessons where the younger German students were eager to ask us questions in English!

Excursions to Bad Hersfeld as well as a full day out to Point Alpha, a museum on the former West-East German border, was a very informative and interesting visit which gave us an insight into what life was like after the Second World War up to 1989 when the wall fell.

Evening events were most entertaining! Bowling was enjoyed by all, including our host families. The last evening was time to celebrate our fabulous week in Bebra with our farewell party.

Lots of tears and fond farewells on our leaving day demonstrated another successful exchange where many friendships and long lasting memories were made.

Looking forward to our friends’ return in 2017!

See all the photos here.

German Exchange 2016

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