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Half-term in DisneyLand

Half-term in DisneyLand


Year 10 students enjoyed a trip to DisneyLand Paris during October half-term.

The adventure began at 4.45am on Saturday October 25th, when Mr Smith, Miss Mumford, Mrs Snow, Miss Ramplin, Mr Myers and 44 Year 10 students embarked on the 13-hour journey from a cold, dark Knaresborough to a warm and sunny DisneyLand Paris. After a day of travel, the students had just enough time to enjoy a meal at the Explorers Hotel, have a wash, a few games of pool and it was time for bed.

Sunday was a full, fun-packed day. The students and some of the staff were left to explore the park, the rides, the shows and of course the shops, while poor Mr Smith sat on duty reading his book. After five hours in the studio park, the group all moved to the DisneyLand park where again students and staff explored the five different areas and watched the parade. Mr Smith even joined in the fun as Miss Mumford took over duty from him.

The Sunday night was finished off with the group watching Buffalo Bill´s Wild West Show; a two-hour live rodeo show with a Texan-style BBQ meal. The highlight of the evening was Anish Petit´s attempt to shoot a target after being dragged onto the show floor by one of the resident scarecrows. A thoroughly tired bunch of students returned to the hotel at 11pm and found bed to be a welcome rest.

On Monday the group started out in the DisneyLand Park at 10am. Now they knew the lay of the land, the students could move freely between the two parks using their ´hopper´ tickets. After seven hours of rides, shows, parades and more shopping, the group headed to Planet Hollywood for a burger meal amongst the Hollywood memorabilia. With three hours to spare before the long coach ride home, there was time for more shopping and then back to the park for a couple of rides before watching the final show, the 30-minute ´Castle of Dreams´.

With all the students happy but tired, it was back to the coach for the long trip home through Paris (due to a detour) and back to Knaresborough for 12pm on Tuesday.

A fantastic but tiring trip for all involved, staff and students. Characters were met, rides were ridden, parades were followed, shows were watched, shopping was done and much fun was had. The group left with many memories that they will keep with them forever.

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