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KJS celebrates national award

King James´s has won a national award that has recognised our participation in the Education for All Day.

The day, part of a national programme, was held last June for three neighbouring primary schools: Meadowside Primary School, Aspin Park Primary School and St. John´s C of E Primary School. Eight students from each school along with a member of staff attended the day, which was designed to raise awareness of the right to education across the world.

It included workshops, activities and lessons that looked at different aspects of education, such as child nutrition and food, what makes a good education for children and where in the world more education is needed.

The day was run by members of staff from King James´s and was led by English teacher Mr McVeigh-Kaye. Staff and pupils enjoyed the day very much, as did the chief organiser of EFA, who also attended the event.

Nationally, 125 schools across the country participated in the EFA day and Teachers Assurance, who have worked closely with the Steve Sinnott Foundation who provide opportunities worldwide with teachers and educators to achieve the Millennium Development Goals for education, selected King James´s School as one of its four regional winners. Recognition of the work done to promote education gloabbly means a lot to the school.

"The award is important for a community like Knaresborough as it shows the children that around the world, people don´t have the same rights as they do," said Mr McVeigh-Kaye. 

Part of the award to KJS is going towards producing T-shirts and posters to promote the next Education for All day.

Grace Ganley, Year 12

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KJS celebrates national award