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KJS Young Teaching Stars

KJS Young Teaching Stars


Being a part of the Young Teaching Stars Programme at school provides us with endless opportunities to help us with understanding, skills and qualities that are required to make an effective teacher. The group is made up of 4 individuals who have shown a desire for teaching across a broad range of subjects. The most recent challenge we were set was based around the SEN Department in school. We each were allocated a student from SEN and were asked to complete various different tasks with the students to support their learning and to develop an understanding of what it’s like for a teacher who has an SEN Pupil in their lesson and the changes or different teacher styles they need to use to meet the demands of the students. Each student required a different focus and the four members of the teaching stars group showed their enthusiasm and determination to help the students and jumped straight into the challenge.

After doing this for a couple of weeks, the members were then asked to do a presentation to the White Rose Alliance team and staff of the SEN Department to demonstrate what they did with the SEN pupils and the different things they learned along the way.

The young teaching stars all showed good understanding of how they need to adapt their approaches and teaching styles to different students and thoroughly enjoyed the experience with all still planning on continuing their work with the students regularly. The girls are continuing to meet termly and are looking forward to taking part in further opportunities they are given and are already showing plenty of signs that they are capable and have the ability to become effective teachers in the future.

Georgie Ryan & Megan Coull (Year 13)


We will be looking to recruit new members to the Young Teaching Stars group in September & any students who are interested or want to find out more should contact Mrs Holdsworth in the KJS Centre.


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