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Who likes Justin Bieber? Who loves marmite? Who adores koala bears?

In the week of Valentine’s Day, Year 7 and 8 students had the opportunity to find out who/what their teachers really loved! Staff throughout the school wore pink “I love…” badges in either French, German or Spanish. Students had to find out as many names and ‘loves’ as possible before the end of the week. The students with the most complete entries were put into a prize draw.



Congratulations to our new Languages Ambassadors!

Year 8: Phoebe Carmichael, Millie Jones, Jessica Whittaker, Sarah O’Brien, Polly Reed, Aleksandra Blazewska

Year 9: Jamie Munro, Scott Waterfield, Quinn Powell, Jake Birchall

Year 10: Kelsey Newman, Ben Standerline

Students from Years 8, 9 and 10 were invited to apply for the post of Languages Ambassadors. The Languages department were looking for students with an enthusiasm for languages, which they could share with others. Students will be asked to assist with Options Evenings, plan language-based activities and support cultural days. The Languages department were overwhelmed with some of the lovely responses from students, as seen below:

“I would like to become a Language Ambassador because I have a personal interest in learning new languages and I see this as an opportunity to share this interest and enthusiasm with others. Since many countries are becoming more cosmopolitan, I believe helping others become interested in learning a language will benefit everyone. From my personal experience, people with a different native language find it comforting when others in a new country speak to them in their first language.” - Year 10 Student

“I would really like to be a Languages Ambassador as I think that it will help me to understand and improve my Language Skills. Also, I have some really good ideas. I would also like to be a Languages Ambassador because I was thinking about going into design or engineering abroad in Germany, so it would be a great thing to out on my CV. Thank you for this amazing once in a lifetime chance.” - Year 9 Student.

“I don’t suppose there’s much I can say; I won’t go on for an age about why I think I should be a Language Ambassador. I just know that I love languages so much so that I am doing two languages in Year 9 and I intend to take one or both at GCSE. I would like to help others enjoy languages as much as I do” - Year 9 Student.

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