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News from the Library



Excellence in reading

In the lead up to World Book Day our Year 8 Royal Readers were the first class ever to be awarded Accelerated Reader Master Class status recognising 25 weeks of daily reading and quizzing at the highest level. Since January 2016, the students have also been participating in the Leeds Book Awards ( and meet on a weekly basis to read, discuss books, quiz and write reviews all in their own time.

This is a wonderful achievement recognising their hard work and commitment.  Many congratulations to the following students: 

Joel Adams 8A2, William Allen 8W2, Sophie Arthington 8W1, Jake Birchall 8N3, Jenna Donninger 8S1, Erin Jones 8N1, Luke Kenny 8W2, Anika Patel 8N3, Lloyd Ragsdale Miller 8N3, Heather Robinson 8A1, Katie Slade 8A1, Alice Spencer 8S3 and Scott Waterfield 8A2.

Battle of the Books 2016

After six intense rounds of challenging questions, students Emilia Walsh 10A2 (Team Captain), Erika Slater 9N3, Ellie Wilson 9N1 and Anna Liptrott 9A2 were very gracious runners-up to Roundhay School. Emilia has represented King James’s in literary competitions for the last four years and I would like to thank her for her ongoing commitment to reading.    

Authors galore!

As part of World Book Week, many of our students had the opportunity to meet and work alongside multi award-winning author Bali Rai. He left a lasting impression on everyone who met him:

“Bali Rai was a great spokesman, who had real presence in the room. I am sure any student who heard Bali in the assembly would tell you that he is one of the best and funniest authors they have ever met”

“It felt like Bali had all of us under a spell; nobody spoke, just listened, waiting to hear what more he had to say - I wish he could have stayed for longer!”

“He is an inspirational author and I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to talk to him”

We also welcomed popular Yorkshire writer and raconteur Gervase Phinn. After spending an afternoon keeping our Year 7 students spellbound, Gervase helped us to celebrate 400 years of education in Knaresborough in a truly memorable evening which brought together the community and many former students.

Crafty Carousel - a unique approach to literacy!

Designed to develop students’ leadership skills by exploring literacy through the creative arts, Crafty Carousel is a brand new initiative which was introduced on World Book Day.  A number of students showcased their talents: Year 7 student Millie Westwood led Crafty Pick ‘n’ Mix, Year 8student Scott Waterfield introduced Model-making and Year 8 students Hazel Cheung and Katie Slade taught staff and students how to write numbers from 1 to 10 in Mandarin. Year 8 students Amy Critchley, Annabel Hartmann, and Anika Patel taught our Sixth Formers the skills involved in Origami and lastly, Quinn Powell illustrated the fundamental principles of knot tying.

Our students are hugely talented and are always an absolute pleasure to work with. In the words of Gervase Phinn “King James’s is a school second to none!”.

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