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Post 18 Options Week

Year 12 returned to school post exams on Monday June 13; full of enthusiasm and vigour (yes really!). They had an exciting programme of events planned for the Post 18 week. 

Monday was the trip to York University. This provided the students with an opportunity to see what a campus university was like and talk to some ´real´, albeit paid, enthusiastic, student ambassadors. They were also given information about the UCAS process and writing the infamous ´personal statement´.

Tuesday was largely based in school. Year 12 had a talk from a local magistrate and also had an introduction to the technicalities of the UCAS application system and a presentation about apprenticeships.

Wednesday was the visit to Bradford University and the Higher Education Fair. Students were able to speak to representatives of a large variety of different Higher Education institutions as well as attend lectures on student life, student finance and other associated topics. A great day was proclaimed by many.

Thursday saw the arrival of the very enthusiastic student ambassador ´Michael´ from Northumbria University.  He discussed all aspects of students life and answered any and all questions put to him!  Students also had the opportunity to meet several alumni. These included a doctor, a designer and an accountant.  It was an excellent opportunity to find out what past King James´s students had gone on to do with their lives.

Friday saw the dawn of ´activities´ day. Students were involved in a wide range of activities from financial planning to self defence; from team building with the RAF to basic first aid. It was a fantastic experience for all students and much thanks has to be passed to Mrs Sue Dobson for arranging the many and varied speakers, including the alumni, the RAF, TSYS and St Johns ambulance. Thanks to all of those involved who gave their time willingly.

Thanks must also be made to the students in Year 12 who approached the week with enthusiasm and open mindedness.

Post 18 Options Week

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