King James' School




The Young Enterprise scheme has given us the opportunity to set up and develop our own company. We started out as 10 motivated girls from Year 12 with aspirations to succeed in the business industry in years to come. 

Firstly, we brainstormed ideas of what we could establish as our product, company name and individual job roles. 

We looked at personality traits and interests when deliberating job roles and we came to the conclusion as follows: Abby Langley (Managing Director), Megan King (Secretary), Jasmine Rowson (Finance Director), Katie Taylor (Marketing Director), Siobhan Kelly (Production Manager), Rosie Leach (Finance team), Louise Roberts (Marketing team), Molly Wall (Designer), Alice Wright (Production team).

After plenty of market research we found that bath bombs and soap products were growing in popularity, especially among the younger generation. We wanted to have something innovative about our product so (with even more research!) we found that veganism was a growing lifestyle and made sure our supplier met this criteria to include as many people of our target market of 10-14 year old girls. To fit our product decision, we decided on the extremely cheesy name "Soaperb", with our slogan being "Sometimes Classy, Sometimes Sassy, Always Bubbly". 

We sold our products at the Knaresborough Christmas Market, Meadow Hall Shopping Centre and within school. Two of us were asked to attend and present at a Rotary Club Meeting which was a fantastic, honourable experience which boosted our confidence and public speaking skills. We needed these in recent events at which we attended the Harrogate Area Company Finals at the Harrogate Borough Council Chambers. We set up our bright purple trade stand and we were asked a series of questions by judges. We finally gave a presentation amongst the other companies in the area. I´m very proud to say that we won "Best Marketing, Sales and Customer Focus", "Best Presentation" and "Best Company" which means we will progress to the County finals in May. 



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