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Spanish Exchange Experiences

My Exchange Experience - by Marta Sanchez

A magical and amazing way of exploring the world.My name is Marta Sanchez and I’m going to tell you about my experience in England.

Firstly I must say an exchange is a way of growing, of meeting new people, different from you, but worth to meet. Secondly you’ll see beautiful places, the best of the country in fact, and you’ll try the best food too. With all these new things you’ll be knowing, your life will be enriched, and your mind opened. 

Leaving the practical part for a while, YOU’LL HAVE THE BEST TIME!!! You’ll spend one week with people who, in my experience, are fantastic and are looking forward to meeting you since they knew about your existence. My hosts here are making this time amazing, I don’t want to leave, and being with my friends makes it even better.

Furthermore, you’re not just meeting your host but the whole group of Spaniards/whoever are hosting. Also you’ll know your mates more, and maybe you create bonds and experiences together, meeting people you’ve always known in a much more beautiful and real way than you did. 

You may think the experience will be boring, I can tell you it’s not. Everybody who runs these exchanges are willing you to love it, so they’ll try their best organizing fun activities, such as maze escaping (which I did in USA), GHOST TOURS (which I’ll be doing here), or Jack the Ripper ones(which I did in London). 

Last but NOT least the BEACH, SUN, GOOD WEATHER, AND AMAZING SPANISH OMELETTE AND SALMOREJO ARE WATING FOR YOU!!!!! I really hope you to come and meet us at the Gongora, we will be there with our arms opened.



Doing an exchange is one of the best experience that you could ever done. We arrived in England six days ago, firstly we went to London, we spent there four days and then we spent all the week-end with our families. We have trips to York, Leeds and Harrogate. 

Our families are very friendly and our hosts too. Thanks to this exchange we are improving our level of English and we are learning things about a different culture, I’m trying new food like fish and chips which tastes very good and also we’ve went to different restaurants. Our families are very nice, they have arranged many plans for us, we went bowling, we went to the beach, to York where we went shopping and also we went to the cinema.

Now we are listening to English traditional music, which I would never listen in Spain, because our traditional music is flamenco, which is really good. There are different schedules, we have lunch at three o’clock and here you have lunch  at two o’clock. In Spain we go to bed at half past eleven and here you go earlier. So it’s good to experience new lifestyles, I really liked it.

I strongly recommend you come to Spain and experience a new culture, food, and a different lifestyle. We are waiting for you!


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