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Sportathon 2016

Sportathon 2016


After the success of last year’s Sportathon and raising over £2000 for charity, the PE Department and Sports Council of King James’s School were given the opportunity to run the event again this year. The event followed a similar routine to last year’s with 22 Sports Council members, ranging from Year 7 to Year 10, taking part in continuous exercise for 12 hours to fundraise for Sport Relief.

Plenty of planning went into the event once it had been agreed by the school’s Headteacher, Mr Sugden. The Sports Council played a big part in organising outside agencies to run sessions and activities for the day and contacting Chef  Ryan, to provide us with water and tray bakes for the event, while working closely with the PE Department to make plans for the day.

As the day approached, Friday 22nd April, the PE Department was decorated with balloons and bunting and the 22 Sports Council members took on the challenge as the 12 hour countdown clock started at 9.00am. Energy levels started off high as students took part in tchoukball and basketball. The morning continued and amusement increased when tag rugby and rounders were played. IBAFitness instructor, Eric Chitty, came along to support the event and challenged the students to a powerful 1 hour workout during lunch time, where students took on endless burpees and squats in an array of team challenges to keep the intensity high. After lunch, activities continued and students embarked on 4 corner football and hockey, which is always a favourite. To finish the school day 2 ball netball kicked off on the  courts, as the sports council prepared for the long evening ahead - 6 hours to go!

The 22 Sports Council members soon turned into 80 as friends were invited along for the evening spell to make the evening more exciting and keep the enthusiastic atmosphere going. A football tournament started off on the astro turf and the students were keen to show some skills and score as many goals as they could for their team. This relayed onto basketball where the girls and boys challenged each other to try and win. Another favourite, benchball, took over the Sports Hall as all 80 students were split into 8 different teams. As the final hour countdown shone on the wall students began to tire, but as singing broke out and dodgeball began, spirits and energy levels were uplifted. The event finished with a giant dodgeball game and ‘The Final Countdown’ playing in the background to finish off the night  A huge well done to everyone who took part, they should be very proud of themselves!

A big thank you is necessary to all of the PE Department for supporting the event, the school chef for providing food and drinks for the students and Eric Chitty from IBAFitness for coming along to support the event. Most importantly, a big thank you to the Sports Council and all those who took part in the event making it such a success!

Sportathon 2016

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