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Spring Term in PE

Spring Term in PE


This has been a fantastic year for the Physical Education Department. We are delighted with the number of pupils who have taken part in extra-curricular clubs and represented the school with pride and enthusiasm. As always, we have competed very well against the other schools in the area, winning many matches in a range of sports. Congratulations to any pupil who has played in a school team this year or regularly attended a school club.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all of the staff who give up their time to take a practice and a team. Their commitment and dedication to school sport is second to none, and without them, we would not be able to run such a popular and extensive extra-curricular programme. Amongst our school staff, we are very fortunate to have out of school coaches running our teams. A big thank you to Mr Atwell, Mr Laycock and Miss Lonsbrough for all the time they have given up to run their teams.

We are now looking forward to the summer clubs and competitions beginning and we hope to see lots of students taking part.

Miss Burn
Head of PE


Couch to 5K Running Club

This is the first year the PE Department has had a beginners running club on the extra-curricular timetable and it has been a great success. Students have made great progress with their running and most now attend the local 3k and 5k park runs to put their hard work in training to the test. Each week there was a slightly different training focus - 9 minute challenges, hill sprints, pacing and cross country. The Year 7 and 8 students who attend have been committed and great fun to coach. I look forward to seeing their faces in the Athletics Club after school in the summer!



Year 7

We have had fantastic numbers attending Year 7 netball practice this season. Enough for 4 teams!! The girls have made great progress with their netball through working hard at the structured training sessions led each week by Miss Baker, Miss Ramplin and our Sports Prefects - Georgina & Rachel.

There have been lots of fixtures against other schools in the Area and the Year 7 netballers have also represented KJS in two Area Netball Tournaments.

The highlights of the season were the wins against Ripon Grammar, Rossett and St Aidans.

Mrs Baker.

Year 8

Our Year 8 netball season was very successful with some hard games and well deserved wins for all teams.

Our season began with some motivating and challenging training sessions, ready for the games ahead. We tried to embrace different positions and tactics to help us secure more wins than last year, and showed excellent teamwork and effort at all times. We met our goals and proceeded to keep positive attitudes and a drive to do our best.

In our season we played Harrogate Grammar, St Aidan’s, Rossett, St John Fisher and Harrogate Ladies College. We played really well in these matches, but especially against Harrogate Ladies College and St John Fisher’s, winning both these games.

At the end of our season we played in the area tournament at Ashville College. It wasn’t our best day but we kept going and played some awesome netball and we are looking forward to next season already.

Rachel Artindale & Imogen Parkin, Year 8

Year 9

The Year 9 girls’ netball team has had a very successful season over the last 6 months. The team has made much improvement and acquired many successes, thanks to Miss Lonsborough and our two Year 11 Sports Prefects, Beth Nadin and Elyse Ashford. The tough training sessions pushed us to bring out our very best performances, especially when under pressure. With an average of 30 girls participating in extra-curricular netball each week, there has been a fantastic team spirit on show with all the girls eager to learn and excel in the competitive sport.

Lily Wallen, Grace Leach & Holly Morland, Year 9

Year 10

At King James’s, netball is coached by people who really care about the sport and want the teams to do well. The Year 10 netball team recently took part in the Area Tournament at Ashville Sports Centre, but unfortunately did not make it to the finals. We regularly take part in matches and competitions such as this against schools in the Harrogate area, but the Area Tournament only takes place once a year. It consists of a few matches, and the teams who do the best, who score the most, advance into the final to compete against the other winning teams. As a team, we look forward to the Tournament every year, as it is something we enjoy and anticipate. We train as a team once a week and, during that time, we split practice between drills and small matches. We do drills, such as passing and dodging, to improve our own skills as well as the way we work together as a team, and we play friendly matches against each other to practice using these skills in a match situation.

Ellie Wilson, Year 10



Year 7

This has been an excellent first season for the Year 7 hockey team. Each week, there has been over 25 students regularly attending the practice. Their efforts and enthusiasm has been excellent and throughout the year they have learnt a lot of new skills and tactics. In matches they have performed very well, with a mixed bag of results, but winning against some of the tougher opponents. A big thank you must go to Charlotte Knight and Jodie Sayers, the two Year 10 Sports Prefects, who have not only helped to run the practices, but who have given up their time to attend matches, officiate and discuss tactics. They have been exceptional role models and a big help.

Well done to all Year 7s who have been involved in the hockey club this year - roll on next season!

Miss Burn

Year 8

Hockey is an interactive game and loads of fun. There’s always room for improvement and you can get involved in and out of school. We have about 25 people that attend our school club every week, and its such a great laugh. Throughout the season, our school has played in a range of matches against the other local schools in Harrogate.

Our A team have played a range of different matches and, even though we have lost a couple of them, we enjoyed them all and learnt from our mistakes and defeats to make us a better team. One thing we are good at as a team is working together and not giving up. I love working in a team because for me it makes me feel more confidence because we all support each other. As a team we have shared some great memories this season, like when our goalkeeper saved the ball by catching it in the back of her shoe.

Our B team is great, and we always have a fantastic time and try our best. The first match of the season we played, we won! So we set off on a real high for the rest of our matches. Whether we won or lost, we still enjoyed ourselves and played our best.

Over the course of the season we did well and from all the matches we can learn how to improve. We all love going to hockey and we would love it even more if we could get others to enjoy it as much as we do.

Kitty Kingston & Ellie Jones, Year 8.

Year 9

Year 9 hockey has had a very successful year so far, and recently beat St Aidan’s 4-2. We have learnt a lot of new skills with our coach, Mr Laycock, including improved long and short corners and how to chip the ball correctly. All of this has dramatically improved the way we perform and has strengthened our teams in the best way possible.

All the girls demonstrate fantastic determination, teamwork and confidence. The commitment is outstanding this year which is evident in our performances…not to mention we have won most of our games!

Well done girls and a big thank you to Mr Laycock!

Anna Nadin & Kitty Bradley, Year 9

Year 10

Year 10 hockey has been very successful with lots of spectacular games. A big thank you to Mr Laycock for all his coaching and enthusiasm this year. The team has worked to their full potential and it has paid off as we are currently unbeaten this season.

We beat teams such as Ripon Grammar School and Harrogate Grammar School and we have shown great improvement. Well done girls!

Charlotte Knight, Year 10


Cross Country

Throughout the cross country season KJS students have competed in a variety of races.
Several of these went on to represent Harrogate and Craven.

We also had 3 students who not only represented North Yorkshire, but did this at the English Schools Championships. These were Jack Brennan, Olivia Haveron and Jess Head. This championship took place at the Norfolk Show Ground, Norwich, and was the final cross country event of the season. Thousands of athletes competed for their counties in the national event.

North Yorkshire achieved amazing results and overall finished as fifth best county in the country. The North Yorkshire boys finished as the overall champions, strongly aided by the Senior Boys team which Jack Brennan was a part of.

The two girls return as the first and second North Yorkshire runners home within their races, a great achievement for both.

Olivia Haveron also represented Yorkshire in the Inter Counties Championships at Loughborough.

Mr Hall



Year 7

The Year 7 boys have made a really encouraging start to their football at KJS. There has been great commitment to training, with numbers never dropping below 30 every Monday. We have had A, B and C matches, with all matches being tremendously competitive. The A team lost in the National Cup on penalties, but are still in the Quarter Final of the Area Cup. If they continue with their commitment then they will have a very successful time at KJS. 

Year 8

The Year 8 boys have really developed from Year 7 and are looking to be a very strong outfit. They have had an outstanding year so far reaching the semi-final of the area cup and competing at the top end of the A and B league. There has been an incredible turnout to training with over 40 students attending every week.

A big congratulations to Nathan Drake and Tom Pettman who have being selected for the area representative team.

15 members of the Year 8 team are also looking forward to going on the Ajax Football tour during the Easter break. This will be a fabulous experience for the students, offering exciting opportunities for developing football skills and a chance for them to immerse themselves in the local culture. 

Year 9

The season has been a mix of ups and downs for the Year 9 boys so far. They had an unfortunate start and gave away a 2 goal lead in the National Cup to allow Abbey Grange School from Leeds to knock them out in the very first round. 

In the County Cup there was another upset; the team were beaten by a strong St Aidan´s team leaving the boys only the Area Cup and league to focus on. In the league they are yet to be beaten after a strong performance and victory over Harrogate Grammar School. They face Settle College in the Area cup in the coming weeks.

Huge congratulations to Lewis Dobson, Chester Ribbons, Cameron Bedford and James Haveron on being selected to represent the Harrogate and Craven Schools representative side, particularly to Lewis who was chosen as captain. Well done also to Joe Navier and Jack Degruchy who have been playing for York. 

Fingers crossed for success in the forthcoming league and Area Cup fixtures. Hopefully the boys can secure some silverware.

Year 11 

The Year 11 team lost all three league games and are out of the Area Cup, however we performed really well against Harrogate Grammar School and only lost out with a late goal. Harvey Ribbons made our first goal with a fantastic low cross which was converted beautifully by Isaac Lythgow. Harvey then thundered in our second goal to keep us in the match but we could not quite find a way through.


Year 7 Rugby

The boys have performed heroically against bigger opposition this year. The highlight was a magnificent win over Rossett where we scored 8 tries. All the boys have performed really well. Stand out performers have been Archie Atkinson, Captain Noah Whiteley, Harvey Holmes and James Hampson, with Arron White playing excellently in the last few games.



The boys and girls have once again thoroughly enjoyed Basketball Mania on a Friday night.

The season was unfortunately curtailed by Mr Churchill´s shoulder injury at the time when the Area tournaments took place so the teams missed out on these competitions. We have expanded our basketball to include another Year 7 and 8 practice taken by Mr Berry, and a girls Year 7 and 8 practice run by Miss Burn.  The Sixth Form boys provided the high point of the season with a good set of results on their English Schools Cup pool, beating Queen Ethelburga’s, and Bootham but losing out to a strong Fulford team.


Leadership Opportunities

Leadership in the PE department has been a new initiative and a big drive that we have been developing this year. It has been a really successful year, and we are exceptionally proud of our young leaders. Students in Year 9, 10 and 11 have had some great opportunities and thrived at various events.

Firstly, we have seen a group of Year 10, 11 and 12 Sports Prefects regularly attending clubs to help run the practices and officiate games. Their commitment and enthusiasm has been outstanding and they have proved to be exceptional role models for the younger year groups. Not only that, but we have had pupils in Year 10 acting as House Prefects. They have helped to run the house competitions for Key Stage 3, organising and scoring the tournaments. Well done to all those pupils who have been a Sports or House Prefect this year.

Alongside that, we have also had a busy schedule with students coaching, officiating and judging at a variety of primary school sports events including Rugby, Football, High 5 Netball, Gymnastics, Indoor Athletics and Orienteering. These leaders have volunteered from our Year 10 Level 1 Sports Leadership Course and the feedback from parents and staff from the primary schools has been extremely complimentary. Debbie Speed, our Primary Partnership Development Manager, is very pleased with the level of support, advice and maturity our students show when leading. 
Long may this continue in the summer term when there will be plenty more leadership opportunities available for our students with the summer sporting calendar fast approaching.

Miss Burn & Mr Berry


House Report 2016/2017

The House Competition has got off to a great start this year with all houses having a fantastic number of pupils participating.  House Cross Country was the first event of the year which saw all pupils in the school participating and earning points for their house.  The competition was won by Airedale with Wharfedale in 2nd, Nidderdale in 3rd and Swaledale in 4th place.

There was yet another fantastic House Drama this year which was won by Swaledale with Nidderdale in 2nd, Wharfedale in 3rd and Airedale in 4th place.   The Drama competition just seems to get better and better every year!

The next events to take place were the House Hockey and the House Rugby.  Swaledale were the overall winners of House Hockey with Airedale in 2nd, Wharfedale in 3rd and Nidderdale in 4th place.  House Rugby was won by Wharfedale with Swaledale in 2nd, Nidderdale in 3rd and Airedale in 4th place.

As well as the competitions, there have also been some exciting new introductions to the House system.  Each house now has a boy and a girl pupil in each year group who have been selected as House Captains.  The pupils had to be nominated, write an election speech and be voted in by their peers.  A very big well done to those who were successful in being appointed as House Captains!

This year has also seen the introduction of the weekly House Quiz which pupils participate in form time each week.  This has proved to be very popular and the final results of this will be announced in the Head’s final assembly at the end of the year.

The current total scores are as follows:

1st - Swaledale

2nd - Wharefdale

3rd - Airedale

4th - Nidderdale

The points are close so it is looking like it will be an exciting competition for the rest of the year!

Mrs Cooper

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