King James' School

Student Book Reviews

“Royal Readers was brilliant.  Throughout the year, it has offered us the opportunity to read so many different types of books that we would never had chosen before.  We got to express how we felt about them and the emotions they made us feel through our discussions and writing reviews.”

Tabitha Gibson 8A DBR and Hannah Lee 8S JHA

I really enjoyed reading ‘Instructions for a Second Hand Heart’ by Tamsyn Murray because it makes all of your problems seem so much smaller than the two main characters. The author was very brave to cover topics like this as many people (including myself) would never have written about serious conditions of hospital patients. The fact that the chapters were very short was extremely helpful as I often found the topics difficult; with the chapters being so short I could put it down at any time. When I began reading, it took a while but then about half way through the book turned and I couldn´t put it down and read through it in one night! This was a book that tore your heart in half and stitched it back together again.”

Alex Owen-Hughes 8S LS

“I loved this book (‘Remade’ by Alex Scarrow) because I found that the way the virus was described was phenomenally easy to picture in your head. It was very effective as a horror story and would be really good as a film (please!). The main character, Leon was easy to relate to and I really sympathised with the hardships and problems that he and his sister, Grace faced. I found the ending satisfying. It was chilling that this is something that could happen in real life - it was described so vividly.”

Hannah Lee 8S JHA

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