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World Challenge Madagascar 2015

In July 2015, 24 students plus accompanying staff will set off for a month-long educational expedition around Madagascar run by World Challenge.

Participating students are currently fundraising towards their target of just over £4000 each to pay their way on the trip. Although the students have a two year period in which to achieve this, the group has already started with a ´Name the Bunny´ competition and chocolate tombola. The group are currently making Christmas cards and plan to open a stationery shop in school for which they need donations of pens, pencils, rulers, etc. Bag packing events at local supermarkets are planned in the new year.

You can follow the group on social media:

Twitter@madagascar2015  Facebook
KJS Madagascar 2015






The group also hope to have a JustGiving site available soon.

The students are working very hard to achieve their goal and would be very grateful for any donations of items to help them reach their target. If you would like to help, please contact Miss Crawford or Mr Atton at the school.

To find out more about the Madagascar World Challenge expedition, click here



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World Challenge Madagascar 2015