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Year 11 Take to the Slopes in Saalbach

Year 11 Take to the Slopes in Saalbach


We arrived on Sunday evening and completed the ski fit. After our first meal we unpacked our bags and got an early night ready for skiing the next day. On Sunday morning we met the instructors and split into our groups; everyone wanted to be in Esme´s group because she was beautiful. Groups 2, 3 and 4 headed up the mountain whilst the beginners group started on the nursery slopes.

The first morning was a little repetitive for Group 1 as they had to get to grips with health and safety and basic techniques. Groups 2 and 3 tackled some blue runs with Group 4 going straight to the red runs. The weather was stunning and we all met at lunchtim to tell each other about the morning skiing. That evening we went to Bobby´s and took part in Austrian bowling and arcade games. Day two was much the same, then in the evening we experience a night of Austrian culture in the form of a Tyrolian night. Singing, dancing, yodelling and kettle bells were all on show and everyone got involved and enjoyed themselves.

On day three the beginners group finally got up the mountains and tackled some blue slopes and it was a great experience because it gave them a great chance to see the views from the mountains and enjoy the thrill of going down the slopes. Another great evening followed when we travelled to Zell to see the Zell am See Ice Bears in an Ice Hockey match. It was an electric atmosphere and everyone laughed when Mr Berry missed his half time shoot out. On Thursday the weather took a turn for the worse and the visibility on the mountain was poor which resulted in skiing conditions being quite difficult. On Thursday evening we had an awards night where Leon Stevenson got the award for Most Improved Skier, Nathan Thackwray got the award for Best Tourist and numerous other awards were handed out. One of the funniest moments was when Mrs Cooper told the story about Jacob Hann not being able to work out which was his left or right ski and when Miss Westerman told the story about snow bears and George Medd believed every word she said.

Overall the holiday was a great experience for all the Year 11s and everyone enjoyed themselves thoroughly throughout the cold and tiring week. It was a great way to take our minds off all the exam pressures. A huge thank you to the staff who gave up their half term to make the trip a fantastic success.

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Year 11 Take to the Slopes in Saalbach

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