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Young Enterprise 2016

In September 2016, seven students returned to the Sixth Form to complete the ´Next Steps´ course. This is for students returning to school to gain additional GCSE´s, work experience and other work related skills. An essential part of the course was participation in the Young Enterprise competition.

The team took part in a training day in October that was run by Jill Tinsley of the Young Enterprise organisation. The day involved a variety of activities that required the students to assess their own strengths and weaknesses and consider how they could make improvements and how they could work together to make an effective team. The students had a great day and learnt a lot about themselves. Jill was fantastic throughout!

Having committed themselves to the Young Enterprise competition, the team set about deciding on a product to sell, allocating the different roles within the company and raising the necessary finance (they even managed to squeeze £10 out of Mr. Sugden as part of the startup capital as well as other members of the Sixth Form Team!) 

Many a board meeting down the line and the newly formed company decided upon cup holders as their product.  A supplier was sourced and an order placed. The pressure was on as the first selling opportunity was at the Trade Fair at Asda Harrogate. This was the first weekend in December.  The supplier wasn´t responding to e mails and reluctantly the team pulled out of the Trade Fair on the Thursday afternoon as no goods had arrived.  Friday dawns and with it lots of cups and ´docks´.  Valiantly the team reversed their decision and agreed to take part in the Trade Fair.  It was a fantastically cold day; sleet, snow and generally awful. Katy, Ellie and Timmy were BRILLIANT!  Selling mugs, docks and associated Christmas ´add ons´ (i.e..lots of chocolates) Their efforts were worth it and they were awarded ´best sales team´. Fantastic!

The Company continued to sell at a variety of opportunities as they presented themselves, including various parents’ evenings and to family and friends.

The final Company Report was written and presented at the local area competition held at the council chambers in Harrogate. The team did us proud, adding to their existing award by winning best financial governance and best teamwork award.

A really fantastic effort. Well done team ´Next Step´. Congratulations to Ellie Brown, Katy Dodd, Callum Kay, Tim Smith, Paige Boreham, Scott Spurr And Simon McLaren.

Young Enterprise 2016

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