King James' School


The last Ofsted inspection of King James´s School took place in December 2011.

The inspection found that King James´s is a good school with many outstanding features, including care, support and guidance; students´ behaviour; and outcomes for students (examination results and the wider opportunities that the school offers).

The following extracts highlight some of the key points made by inspectors:

"Students have a very good choice of courses and enriching extra activities. Their progress is carefully monitored and they receive exceptional care, support and guidance. These fine qualities make sure that all groups of students make the most of their opportunities in this vibrant school."

"The care, support and guidance provided for students are outstanding, because they enable all groups of students to take advantage of the opportunities provided by the school. Parents, carers and students in unusual numbers testified to the positive effects of carefully supported transition and meticulously-organised support from a range of school staff and other agencies."

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