King James' School

Local Charity for the Year

Each year the students nominate a local charity to support through a number of fundraising events. This year´s chosen charity is the Harrogate Homeless Project.

Harrogate Homeless Project was founded in 1991 to try to alleviate the growing number of people sleeping rough in the district. The project operates from a hostel and a day centre in Harrogate, which provide support to homeless and vulnerably housed people who are connected to the area with the aim of moving them on to independent living. Although partly funded by statutory bodies, the project relies heavily on the support and generosity of the local community.

Fundraising in school is already underway, with half the proceeds of King James´s Charity Day on Friday 14th November going to the Project. In addition, at regular intervals throughout the year we will be collecting much-needed goods to donate to the project, including:

  • shampoo
  • men´s toiletries (razors, shave gel, deodorant etc.)
  • meat products (e.g. tinned stews, meatballs, hot dogs, pies etc.)
  • long-life milk
  • coffee
  • toilet roll
  • cleaning products
  • clothing, particularly jeans/coats/jumpers, but anything accepted
  • any other long-life food products (although the Project currently has a surplus of beans, soup, pasta, rice and teabags, so please do not donate these).

Many thanks for your ongoing support for this great cause over the course of the year.

Local Charity for the Year