King James' School


King James’s School offers a rich and diverse curriculum. Our aim is to provide a broad education covering the full range of subjects in the lower school, gradually bringing in choice as students grow older and discover areas in which they wish to specialise.

Year 7 students are taught in mixed-ability teaching groups, with setting in Maths from October. During the spring term of Year 8, students make their first curriculum choice picking a design technology area to focus on in Year 9.

Towards the end of Year 9, students will make their option choices ready to begin studying for their formal qualifications.

The wealth of curriculum choices on offer to students at Key Stage 4 and beyond allows students to follow a tailored curriculum that meets individual needs through personalised learning. In Years 10 and 11, students can choose from the traditional academic subjects as well as vocational courses, such as BTEC Sport and Performing Arts. Similarly, post-16, a range of courses are available; please see the sixth form area of our website for more information.

The school’s academic year runs from September to July.