King James' School

Curriculum Pledge

The Curriculum Pledge is our promise to students regarding the minimum standards they can expect in every subject and every key stage at King James´s School.

The pledge, produced in collaboration with staff, was introduced in September 2015. There is more detail sitting behind the pledge for staff but the key promises to our students are as follows.


  To support your learning you will have:

  1.  A ´Learning Journey´ for the whole course or key stage and each learning cycle or unit.

  2.  Access to resources to improve your independent learning.

  3.  Regular feedback on how to progress.

  4.  The opportunity to feed back to staff.

  5.  Guidance on how to organise your learning.











Fronter is an important part of this and a whole range of documents and support materials for the curriculum pledge and the wider curriculum can be found there.

Number 3 of the pledge is crucial as feedback has one of the biggest impacts on students´ learning and progress; therefore, this is supplemented by an additional feedback policy. All documents and additional information are available in the Feedback section of the wesbite.

As part of the feedback policy, all students must come to school with a purple pen (biro or fine tipped) in their pencil case to use for peer and self assessment, and responding to targets.