King James' School


Welcome to the section of our website devoted to feedback at King James´s School. Feedback has a high priority for us and we know that, done well, it has an enormous impact on students´ learning and progress.

The Sutton Trust ( states that ´providing effective feedback on pupil´s performance, encouraging students to think about their own learning strategies, and getting pupils to learn from each other... can increase pupils´ performance by an extra eight or nine months in a school year.´

After a year of consultation and research, we developed a feedback policy at King James´s School which came into effect from September 2015. The policy itself can be seen in the downloads section at the bootom of this page but, in summary, it covers the following key areas:

  • Verbal feedback
  • Written feedback
  • Peer- and self-assessment
  • Literacy feedback
  • Presentation feedback
  • Student feedback