King James' School

Key Stage 3 Curriculum

In KS3, we offer a broad and balanced curriculum with all students following courses in the subjects listed below. To find out a little more about the topics covered in each subject, please click the subject title to view the learning journeys the departments have produced to show the ´big picture´ of learning to their students.

In Year 7, students are taught a full curriculum of maths, English, science, the arts, the humanities, PE, ICT, DT and PSHCEE. They also have one lesson of accelerated reader each week as well as one lesson per fortnight of ‘aspire’ - a challenge based learning lesson aiming to improve resilience, independence and a love of learning. The language studied by all Year 7 students is French.

In Year 8, students study the national curriculum as listed above but also have the opportunity to take up a second language, German.

In Year 9, students continue with the KS3 national curriculum but also study a discrete lesson of computer science each week. Furthermore, following options at the end of Year 8, they are able to specialise in a design & technology area (food, textiles or product design).

Finally, we are proud to have a bespoke King James´s School curriculum for students in key stage 3 who have significant special educational needs. This is called SSG (Student Support Group) and combines elements of the standard KS3 curriculum with an innovative programme of study tailored to individual student´s needs and delivered by specialist teachers. The curriculum is recognised by external agencies, parents and students as highly effective and unique within the county. To view the SSG learning journeys, please click here.

For more information please contact Mrs Morgan, Deputy Head.


Key Stage 3 Curriculum