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Sports Leadership

 Sports leadership is promoted throughout the curriculum and across all year groups at King James´s. This culminates in Year 11, when students have the opportunity to study for a Sports Leaders Level 1 Award (offered by Sports Leaders UK). As well as gaining experience through leading their peers, the students support primary children in a range of activities, including orienteering, junior sports day, High 5 Netball, Kwik Cricket, Sportshall Athletics and at School Sport Partnership fixtures.

Ambassador Award, February 2015

On the teacher training day in February a group of year 11’s went to Harrogate High School to complete an ambassador award as part of their Young Leadership programme. There were two separate groups, the Gold Award and the Silver Award; Martha Elliott and Dan Powell completed the Gold Award and Lochy Purves, Sophie Leake, Charlie Rudzinski, Alex Wilson, Dina Hudson, Georgie McKenzie and Ethan Jones completed the Silver Award. The Gold Award have to meet up with other students from other schools to arrange an event for less abled bodied students to keep them active in Physical Education, Martha and Dan plan to lead a Goal Ball event to complete their award In Summer Term with the other High Schools. The Year 11’s completing the Silver Award have to make a club for year 7- year 9 students at King James to keep them fit and active, they plan to do their club as Lacrosse. At the event everyone learnt great further leadership skills and had chance to help plan their event; it was a great opportunity for all of the Year 11’s to improve their leadership skills even further. 
Martha Elliott, Year 11

Harrogate Schools Sports Partnership: Autumn 2014

The Harrogate Schools Sports Partnership provides a fantastic opportunity for Year 10 and 11 King James´s pupils to utilise their sports leadership skills. As well as gaining experience through leading their peers, the students support primary children in school sports competitions in a range of activities such as Junior Sports Day, High 5 Netball Tournaments, Kwik Cricket, Sportshall Athletics, Cycling, Gymnastics, Rugby and Football.

We have hosted three events this term: Year 5/6 Football, Year 5/6 Sports Hall Athletics and Year 1/2 Multiskills, where we have selected leaders to referee, time, score, run warm-ups, cool-downs and skills sessions. The events have all been a huge success, with local primary schools from around the area attending. There are many more events coming up over the year and we aim for the same level of success.

Primary Boys´ Football Competition: October 2014

As part of their Level 1 Leadership course, 8 students (above) were selected to lead and officiate at the Primary Boys´ Football Competition held at King James´s on 7th October.

High 5 Netball Tournament: February 2014

Early in February, six primary schools in the area competed in a High 5 Netball Tournament. The teams were Aspin A, Aspin B, Goldsborough A, St. Mary´s A, St. John´s A and St. John´s B. The tournament was run really well and all the teams enjoyed the day. There was a fantastic atmosphere with some brilliant High 5 played. The tournament was umpired by six King James´s students: Millie Howard, Kayleigh Templeton, Fran Bakes, Hatty Thornton and Alice MacCormack.

Primary Sportshall Athletics: January 2014

On the 21st of January 2014, King James´s students helped at an indoor athletics event for primary children. The event ran very smoothly and was an enjoyable afternoon. There was a fantastic atmosphere and many happy faces. The 20 Leaders were allocated a station to lead. They were encouraging and supportive towards every athlete and made sure they gave their best performance. Throughout the afternoon the primary school students supported each other and everyone had a great time.  Lottie Chippindale and Tilly Cale, Year 10 Sports Council 

Year 11s lead the way: February 2013

On 7th February ten Year 11 students were selected to lead Key Stage 2 pupils from Meadowside Primary School in a variety of activities, including FUNdamental movements, invasion games, skipping and parachutes. The Year 11 leaders (Sarah Parkes, Josie Parry, Grace Merrin, Vicky Ward, Sam Leach, Ben Tillet, Jordan Firth, Alex Charlesworth, Dan Szeplaki and David Middleton) shared ideas with the primary pupils, providing them with key leadership skills including organisation, communication, rules and safety.

The aim is for the primary school pupils to now use their new skills to lead Key Stage 1 children during lunchtime and extra-curricular activities.

Primary Sportshall Athletics: January 2013

The School Sport Partnership Primary Sportshall Athletics competition was held at King James´s and over 100 children entered from the five Knaresborough cluster primary schools. The competition emphasised the importance of team competition, fair play and the fact that taking part and trying your hardest is more important than winning.

With an increasing focus on leadership and volunteering within King James, the Sportshall competition provided an opportunity for 20 Year 9 students to develop their skills further through leading and officiating track and field events.

The competition was extremely successful and provided the ideal format in which to introduce young people to athletics and multi-skills competition. It was evident on that day that there was some outstanding athletic potential. 


Sports Leadership

Sports Leadership