King James' School

Learning Cycle Survey

Year 8 and Year 10 parents were surveyed in February 2014 to find out their views on learning cycle reports. A total of 73 completed responses were received.

The majority of respondents (55%) said that learning cycle reports keep them ´quite well´ informed about how their child is performing in school and 75% were happy with the frequency of reporting. Although respondents raised a range of concerns about specific areas of reports, as one says, ´despite the detailed issues, I still find it reassuring to get the regular learning cycle reports as an indication of how things are going.´

Comments and suggestions for improvement most often related to the need for better explanation and simplification, more personalised feedback, a preference for reporting based on results rather than forecasts and improved communication with individual teachers. However, while the push for more detailed and personalised information was strong, some parents questioned whether this would be the best use of teacher time: ´I´m not sure how long the teachers take compiling them (reports), but I wouldn´t want it to take up any more of their time that could be used lending direct support to the children...´

The survey findings were used to help inform improvements to learning cycle reports for the academic year 2014/15.

The summary charts from the survey can be viewed below.