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KJS School Calendar 2016/17
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Wed 26 Apr

Young Enterprise Regional Final

Year 12 Post-18 Options Evening (6.30pm)

Thu 27 Apr

UKMT Junior Maths Challenge Years 7 & 8

Warhammer School League National Championship

Year 8 Options Evening

Fri 28 Apr

A2 DP Exam (2)

Year 11 Drama GCSE Prep Day

SSG Water Confidence (P4&5)

Mon 1 May

Bank Holiday - School Closed

Tue 2 May

Learning Cycle 3 Report Issued to Students

Year 11 GCSE DP Exam

GCSE PE Orienteering Assessment (P1&2)

GCSE PE Personal Survival Assessment (P4&5)

Wed 3 May

AS DP Exam (2)

GCSE PE Moderation

Second HPV Vaccination

Disney Trip Parent Information Evening (6pm, S1)

Thu 4 May

Year 8 Parents´ Evening (4.30pm-7.30pm)

GCSE Art Exam (1)

GCSE PE Internal Practical Examinations

Fri 5 May

GCSE Art Exam (2)

GCSE PE Internal Practical Examinations

Young Enterprise Bath Bomb Sale

Mon 8 May

School Council Meeting Week

AS Art Exam (1)

Year 11 GCSE Drama Moderation Day

Tue 9 May

AS Art Exam (2)

Wed 10 May

Year 7 Parents´ Evening (4.30pm-7.30pm)

A Level Art Exam (1)

Thu 11 May

A Level Art Exam (2)

BTEC PA Written and Practical Exam

Design and Technology Exhibition

Fri 12 May

A Level Art Exam (3)

SSG Water Confidence (P4&5)

Upcoming Events