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ICT - Cambridge Technicals Vocational Certificate (AS) & Extended Certificate in IT (A Level)

What’s it all about? 

A brand new and exciting course which replaces the A-Level in ICT. Cambridge Technicals are high quality, nationally recognised qualifications which provide students with the opportunity to develop the skills and knowledge demanded by employers and universities.

The Technicals will provide learners with the opportunity through applied learning to develop core principles and the specialist knowledge and understanding required in the IT sector. If you are keen to learn how organisations use information and technology to advance in the world of business and commerce then this qualification is for you.

The qualification has some optional units, undertaken in year 13, specialising in different areas of IT and computing. Units could be based around the internet, for example building a website or systems analysis which looks at how information systems are developed; there is also project management or product development, a decision of which 2 will be studied will be taken nearer the time.

Exam and Assessment Information: 

05838 Cambridge Technical certificate (AS equivalent) - 2 mandatory units.

05839 Cambridge Technical Extended Certificate (A-Level equivalent) - 3 mandatory and 2 optional units.

There are two compulsory units in the certificate; Fundamentals of IT and Global information, which are externally assessed through exams. There is a further compulsory unit - Cyber security and 2 further optional units in the Extended Certificate. Cyber security is assessed through external exam and the 2 other units are internally assessed and moderated coursework units.  The optional units available will be decided nearer the time, please refer to the course description for possible topics

To get started: 

This course is suited to students who are aiming for university, college, modern apprenticeships and work placements. The qualification has full UCAS points which will enable progression to university. The course is open to all as long as you meet the minimum requirements for the Sixth form at King James’s.

Students could take this in conjunction with the A Level Computer Science qualifications as there would be little crossover.

What next? 

Get me to university, college, work-based apprenticeships or similar.  The Cambridge Technicals in ICT would also be a perfect support for your other subjects at university or college.

Our students say … 

“The first 2 units are more about how businesses use and need IT, but that’s important to know. I like the way they are delivered as practical tasks using different ways to present it like reports, presentations and videos, it makes it more fun.”  Harry Cope 

“I like the way that the unit is delivered in a real world situation, some people came in from 02 and talked about how they used information in their business, it made it much more real for us.”  Freja Lithgow

ICT - Cambridge Technicals Vocational Certificate (AS) & Extended Certificate in IT (A Level)