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Mathematics - Further

What’s it all about? 

Further Mathematics is designed for students with an enthusiasm for mathematics. It prepares students for further study and employment in highly mathematical disciplines that require knowledge and understanding of sophisticated mathematical ideas and techniques. 

The course will suit the able student who enjoys mathematics and wishes to understand it in more depth. Desirable qualities include initiative and independence of learning as the subjects covered are diverse. 

Pure Mathematics comprises approximately 50% of the content with the other 50% coming from two of the following branches of mathematics: Statistics, Mechanics and Discrete Mathematics. 

The Pure Mathematics content in both the AS and A Level courses not only extends some of the topics from the Mathematics courses but also provides the opportunity to study different topics such as complex numbers, matrices, polar coordinates, hyperbolic functions and differential equations. 

The Mechanics and Statistics elements build on the content covered in the Mathematics courses whilst the Discrete Mathematics element introduces the use and analysis of algorithms. The topics covered include graphs and networks, linear programming and critical path analysis. 

Exam and Assessment Information: 

Exam Boards and Codes - under investigation. 

As well as sitting the A Level Mathematics examinations pupils will sit extra examination papers which cover the additional Pure and Applied Mathematics studied in the Further Maths course. Just as in Mathematics, the content is separated within the examination papers according to whether it belongs to the Pure Mathematics, Mechanics, Statistics or Decision Mathematics branch.

To get started:

Students studying Further Mathematics must also be studying Mathematics and should have at least grade 7 at GCSE

What next? 

A Level Further Mathematics is ideal for any student wishing to study a degree course with a high mathematical content such as mathematics, engineering, the sciences and economics. Many students comment that the first year of their Mathematics degree is made much easier and in many ways is revision from the work covered in Further Mathematics.

Our students say … 

“A Level Further Maths is a great opportunity for all students to challenge themselves and open up countless career paths.”Jack Barthorpe 

“Further Maths is great because it teaches the skills and methods you need to solve problems you previously thought impossible!” James Green

Mathematics - Further