King James' School

Media Studies

What’s it all about? 

This course introduces students to the wonderful and vibrant world of media. It’s a subject that enables students to sharpen their analytical intellect but viewing the media world that surrounds them through a critical prism. The media shapes our everyday thoughts and feelings and Media Studies supports students in challenging existing paradigms and hegemonic models as they develop an independent understanding of how media industries operate. 

Alongside the theoretical approach to understanding the media students also have the unique opportunity to demonstrate their creative tendencies as they engage in a number of practical projects. The application of theory into practice is what makes Media Studies such a dynamic, challenging and wholly rewarding subject. 

Led by a teaching team of experienced practitioners, each with their own particular media specialisms, Media Studies offers a supportive and developmental environment in which students are encouraged to put in their best effort to develop their analytical faculties.  As a department, Media Studies is well resourced with a suite of Macbooks for exclusive use of media students. 

Exam and Assessment Information: 


AS Level - MEST1 and MEST2

A2 Level - MEST3 and MEST4 

Unit 1 - MEST1

Investigating Media

50% of AS, 25% of A Level

2 hour written examination

80 marks 

Two sections:

A - four compulsory short answer questions (48 marks)

B - choice of one from two essays (32 marks)

Unit 2 - MEST2

Creating Media

50% of AS, 25% of A Level

Practical unit, internally assessed and externally moderated

80 marks

Externally set production briefs.

Two linked production pieces taken from two of the three media platforms studied in Unit 1 (60 marks)

plus 1500 word evaluation (20 marks) 

Unit 3 - MEST3

Media: Critical Perspectives

25% of A Level

2 hour written examination

Two sections: A - three compulsory questions on unseen stimulus pieces (32 marks)

B - one essay from a choice of two topics (48 marks) 

Unit 4 - MEST4

Media: Research and Production

25% of A Level

Practical unit, internally assessed and externally moderated

80 marks

Two sections: Critical Investigation (48 marks)

Linked production piece (32 marks)

To get started: 

Students must have at least a grade 4 GCSE in either English Language or English Literature.

What next? 

The creative industries are one of the fastest growing and most sustainable job markets in our modern world. Jobs range from journalist to foley artist (sound effects engineer), from make-up artist to radio editor and from web designer to apps entrepreneur. 

Media Studies will also allow students to sharpen their analytical and critical faculties. 

Our students say … 

“Media Studies has opened my eyes to the many possible readings of media texts. It has taught me not just to take media at face value but to look beyond the headlines and behind the scenes. I find the theoretical aspects of Media Studies stimulating and fascinating. It has changed the way I look at the media world.”  Jas Ghataora 

“Diving into creative media has been my highlight so far. In my practical project I had to take on the roles of: screenwriter, camera operator, director, sound engineer and editor. Aside all of this I had to evaluate my work and think carefully about every aspect of my project. Above all, I had a great deal of fun creating television drama.”  Jasmine Allen

Media Studies