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Music Technology

What’s it all about? 

Music Technology at A level is aimed at students who want to move into the areas of recording, mixing, arranging and producing music. 

Every piece of music you listen to has been arranged, recorded, mixed and produced by someone. In the future that person could be you!  Have you always wanted to know how to record professionally with state of the art equipment and software? Do you have a love of 20th and 21st century popular music? What about arranging music or understanding about how sound works and how sounds are recorded? Then A Level Music Technology is for you! 

We use Logic Studio software with Apple computers to record, mix, arrange and produce music. You will be taught by two different members of staff with different specialisms in this area to take you through the practical and theory of the course. The exam element of the course is very practical and fully focussed on music from 1910 to the present day. 

Below is a brief overview of the components of the course:

  • Aural skills and listening to music from 1910 to the present day.

  • Skills in recording and mixing acoustic and electronic instruments.

  • Arranging pieces of music in a given style.

  • Sequencing existing pieces of music using computer software.

  • Historical context of popular music styles and recording techniques. 

Exam and Assessment Information: 

Component 1:       Recording (9MT0/01) - 20% 

Component 2:       Technology Based Composition (9MT0/02) - 20%

Component 3:       Listening and Analysing (9MT0/03) - 25%

Component 4:       Producing and Analysing (9MT0/04) - 35%

To get started: 

You must be able to read traditional musical notation in treble and bass clef and have basic keyboard skills. You must also have a real love and interest in all styles of music and technology. GCSE Music, although not a prerequisite, is a big advantage.

What next? 

Music Technology has many areas of interest at a higher level such as radio, TV and film. Also, recording techniques, mixing, arranging are all sought after and many of our students who do this course go on to study it at a higher level.

Our students say … 

“A level Music Technology has enabled me to learn how to record my band in a professional way and given me the skills to mix music properly.”  James Pogson 

“Music Technology has really developed my love of all styles of music and has prepared me well for the course in Music Production and Composition that I have secured at University.” James Shields

Music Technology

Music Technology