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Performing Arts - BTEC National Diploma

What’s it all about? 

Edexcel Level 3 National Diploma Performing Arts

Edexcel Level 3 National Subsidiary Diploma Performing Arts 

The course covers a wide spectrum of skills and techniques in order for you to experience every aspect of drama and theatre. You will develop the technical and interpretative skills necessary to work in acting. You will explore the means and processes of characterisation, interpret texts, develop material for performance through rehearsal and take part in performances of rehearsed material. Although the emphasis is on practical work to develop and expand vocal skills, improvisation and technical understanding, it does contain elements of theory and written work. 

We have an outstanding team of staff who are dedicated and driven to inspire you and develop your skills as an actor, director or designer and we push you to be the best that you can possibly be.  We believe in your ability to interact creatively and professionally with like-minded students. 

The school boasts exceptional facilities for drama. The drama tower, which opened in January 2006, houses three dedicated teaching and performance spaces. The three floors are professionally-themed to create a truly theatrical environment with illuminated poster frames, lighting, plush carpet and handrails. The studios are equipped with excellent lighting and sound facilities as well as blackout blinds, drapes and dance-mat flooring.  

Exam and Assessment Information: 

BTEC Performing Arts Level 3 Subsidiary and National Diploma QCF LG678 

In Year One you will study:

  • Realism & script

  • Physical Theatre

  • Contemporary Theatre Performance

  • Principles of Acting

  • Theatre for Education

  • The Performing Arts Industry 

In Year Two you will study:

  • Musical Theatre

  • Devising Theatre

  • Auditions

  • Performing to an audience

  • The Performing Arts Industry

  • Clasical Theatre - Greek & Shakespeare

  • Theatre of Cruelty - Artaud

To get started:

A grade C (Drama GCSE) or Pass (BTEC PA) is desirable for you to fully access the course. You need to be passionate about performance and have a good knowledge of theatre and acting to fully engage with this rigorous and enjoyable course as it requires a considerable commitment in terms of time and energy.

You need to possess a great deal of  enthusiasm and commitment to succeed on this course, combined with a willingness to develop as a performer across a range of practical skills in the disciplines of acting, singing and dancing, together with the motivation to meet regular coursework deadlines


What next? 

The role of the Arts within society has grown significantly throughout the years. The course is an excellent foundation for a direct degree in acting. It also equips students for further education in various pathways relating to media, arts, communication, teaching and events management. The scope for development is vast as Drama propels students to develop excellent skills of communication, leadership and artistic creativity.

Our students say …

“Performing Arts has really caused me to grow as a performer and a person.  Working alongside other talented pupils and staff has developed my ability and passion greatly.  If you have a love for theatre and are looking for a subject that will encourage your creativity, challenge you, inspire you or if you’re looking for a subject to genuinely enjoy and love, Performing Arts is definitely the course for you.”  Emily Binks 

“I couldn’t think of a better subject than Performing Arts.  Not only has it helped me grow as a performer it has also helped me develop as a person.  Throughout the course you grow in self-confidence which helps on stage but also in everyday life.  Performing Arts is incredibly enjoyable and fun.”  Charles Phillips

Performing Arts - BTEC National Diploma