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Joining the Sixth Form

When you join the Sixth Form at King James´s you will be joining a community of around 300 students. By winter in Year 11 you will be thinking seriously about deciding your post-16 options - subjects and course level. Whether you are already at King James´s or are new to the school, we will provide you with a carefully planned, step-by-step induction programme that will ensure that you are fully briefed to make the best possible choices. Through the citizenship programme and in discussions and interviews with your Form Tutor, Careers Tutor and other staff you will have every opportunity to look at your strengths and to decide upon the most suitable option for you.

Choosing the correct post-16 course is challenging if done properly and so the wider your sources of advice/information the better - older students, brothers and sisters, careers advisors, Academic Advisors and, of course, your subject teachers. Individual meetings with the Sixth Form team are available on request.

The Director of Sixth Form´s Open Evening presentation about studying in the Sixth Form at King James´s can be viewed here.

Significant events in the induction programme for students wishing to enter the Sixth Form in September 2017 are as follows.

Autumn/Spring Term Existing King James’s students will receive information through form and assemblies.
Thurs 19 January

Sixth Form Open Evening (6.30pm-8pm) at King James´s for  students and parents. The evening consists of a presentation by the Director of Sixth Form and an opportunity for individual discussion with subject staff, pastoral staff and current Year 12 and 13 students. The evening also includes a bespoke presentation for our most able applicants to prepare them for Russell Group university applications. For current KJS Year 11s the Open Evening will be followed by a taster day of Sixth Form subjects on Wednesday February 10.

February Submission of application forms, to allow for planning the timetable. In the event of a course not being viable you will be informed as soon as possible. Again, the emphasis is on consultation and negotiation. Late applications are accepted, but as time goes on the timetable becomes less flexible and therefore options will be reduced.
Spring/Summer terms If you are applying to King James´s from another school, you and your parents will be welcome to have an individual meeting with a member of the Sixth Form team to discuss your application in detail. You will also be invited to a new student induction day after your GCSE examinations have finished. Existing members of the school will have an interview with their tutor, Learning Manager or senior member of staff. The Careers Co-ordinator, Lucy Hazelton, will also be on hand to provide information on course options.
August After the GCSE results are published in August you will be asked to reaffirm your choices. At this stage it may still be possible to alter them at an individual meeting with a member of the Sixth Form team and we would recommend that you ask for help if you are at all unsure. Sixth Form staff will also be available in school on GCSE results day to begin registering you. Specific details will be issued.
September Enrolment and induction will take place during the first week in September (full details will be issued later). You will be introduced to your Academic Advisor and given further helpful information about the Sixth Form.

Joining the Sixth Form

Joining the Sixth Form