King James' School

Computing & IT

Head of Department: Mr R Heyes

All students at King James’s are encouraged to make full use of the wide range of ICT facilities. Subject departments have timetabled access to computer rooms. There are nine fully equipped suites that offer multimedia resources and support a range of leading software applications.  The school has also invested in a range of state of the art mobile equipment for classroom and teacher use. LCD projectors are a common feature and increasing use is made of Smartboard technology to enhance lessons. The curriculum network extends throughout the school allowing users to share resources and work from different locations.  We have a filtered Internet service and all of our workstations provide access to Internet sites using the latest broadband technology, enabling students and staff to benefit from an information-rich learning environment.

In addition to the lessons given by specialist teachers, Computing and IT is taught across the curriculum and forms an integral part of most subjects. During Years 7, 8 and 9 students develop advanced skills and are taught by Computing and IT specialists. The course is varied, but particular emphasis is placed on programming concepts, practical programming, databases, spreadsheets and information presentation - including students designing their own web site.  Students at KS4 have the option to take GCSE in Computer Science or an IT Technical Award. Students are given opportunities to acquire relevant skills by gaining practical experience in different areas of Computing and IT.

The four-module Information Technology A Level course allows post-16 students to develop their IT skills further. This enjoyable course uses a task driven approach to problem solving and decision making, which relies on the effective use of IT systems. By following the A level course, students will be involved in a variety of activities designed to enhance their role as communicator and advisor, and to extend their concept of the effects and limitations of Information Technology. A-Level Computing is also offered; it’s an intensely creative subject that combines invention and excitement and gives students the chance to extend their computational thinking, helping them to develop the skills to solve problems, design systems and understand the power and limitations of human and machine intelligence.

These exciting and stimulating IT courses are designed to provide and enhance the essential computer skills that are vital for both higher education and future professions. The courses are challenging, creative and interesting and we expect students to develop their own styles of system design and presentation in a professional and enjoyable environment.

Teaching Staff:

Miss L Allgar
Mr R Heyes
Mrs S Blythe
Mr J Hamer
Mr J Hooper
Mr L Shaw 



Computing & IT