King James' School


Head of Department: Ms J Copperthwaite

The Languages Faculty has eight specialist language teachers, supported by French, Spanish and German language assistants and we offer French, Spanish and German up to A Level.

Our aim is to give a feeling of enjoyment and success in using languages as well as to introduce students to different ways of life within Europe and worldwide. We also try to develop imaginative and creative talents through drama, singing and whenever possible cross-curricular projects.

As from September 2015, Year 7 pupils will study French only to develop and embed their linguistic skills. Moving up to Year 8, whilst continuing with their French studies, pupils will be given the opportunity to learn a second language (Spanish or German). In the course of that year, they will decide which language(s) to pursue in Year 9 as single or dual linguistics (French & Spanish/French & German). Their choice will then determine their potential languages’ option(s), if they aim to sit the GCSE exam.

In the Sixth Form, AS/A2 courses are available in French, German and Spanish. These are highly-recommended options in today’s global, competitive world, not only for future students of languages in Higher Education but increasingly for those wanting a language to enhance their career prospects in other fields. Many universities require students to have studied a language for numerous courses and look most favourably upon students who have studied a language to A Level.

To further enhance the linguistic experience, we offer our students the opportunity to take part in exchanges (Privas in France, Córdoba in Spain and Bebra in Germany) and/or trips. We also celebrate festivals to enrich the students’ cultural understanding of the language(s) they are studying: Bastille Day, Sankt Nikolaus Tag and la Feria d’abril.

Teaching Staff: Mrs J Allison
Miss N Bourré
Ms J Copperthwaite
Mr J Hooper
Mrs J Hopps
Mrs G Ingham
Mr P Keogh
Mrs S Thompson