King James' School

Learning Support

Head of Department: Miss A Jones

The Learning Support Department works to identify, assess and plan to meet the special educational needs of students at King James´s School. We have established strong links with primary schools so that we can make full use of the information provided by Year 6 teachers. Once at King James´s School, student progress is regularly monitored and assessments are carried out throughout the school year.

Our policy is to provide appropriate support whilst allowing all students to follow a broad and balanced curriculum, which can be personalised to meet individual need. Support assistants work alongside subject teachers in the classroom. Students may be withdrawn from some lessons to follow an intervention programme in our Learning Support Centre. As an Enhanced Mainstream School for Autism, our team has additional knowledge, skills and experience to meet the support needs of our students with autism.

If you would like more information about the work of the Learning Support department at King James’s, please speak to our Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator, Miss Alison Jones.


Learning Support Teachers: Miss A Jones
Miss A Wilding
Mrs J Keogh
Miss J Pottage
Mrs A Vaux
Miss N Watson
Mr S White
Miss A Wilding
Teaching Assistants:

Miss L Barnes
Mrs P Beastal
Mrs S Bowes 
Miss L Bramham
Ms L Brennan
Mrs C Brock
Mrs J Brookes
Mrs S Cooper 
Miss M Dennis
Miss M Fuentes
Miss S Gill
Mrs G Hewitt
Mrs M Hewitt
Mrs K Holman
Ms L Hutchison
Mr F Kitching
Mrs L Limbert
Mrs S Parry 
Mrs C Ramsay
Mrs S Recchia
Miss S Teece
Mrs J Westwood
Miss J Wilkins
Mrs M Williams
Mrs M Wittleton 

One-to-one Tutors: Mr B Simmons