King James' School


Head of Department: Miss G Skinner


The Personal, Social, Health, Citizenship and Economic Education programme is delivered in timetabled weekly sessions. PSHCEE studies culminate in a short course GCSE in preparation for working life. It seeks to address topics and issues relevant to students’ moral and social development and to integrate cross-curricular themes such as Health and Environmental Education.

In lessons emphasis is placed upon discussion and group activities, however, it is recognised that teacher-led lessons have a place in such a programme. Students are encouraged to develop their viewpoints and learn to share these in a constructive manner. The use of presentations by outside agencies for whole and part year groups is an important part of the programme. 

Citizenship helps students become informed, thoughtful and responsible citizens who are aware of their duties and rights. It promotes spiritual, moral, social and cultural development, making them more self-confident and responsible both in and beyond the classroom.  It encourages students to play a helpful part in the life of the school, the local community and the wider world. They also find out about our economy, democratic institutions and values.

The PSHCEE curriculum is designed for each age-group leading to a coherent coverage of important issues such as personal relationships, social responsibility, health, diversity and economic well-being. Controversial and sensitive subjects are delivered with the assistance of approved published materials, selected and adapted by staff with requisite expertise.  Specialist subject teachers also cover several aspects of PSHCEE work in other areas of the curriculum and there is substantial prevocational careers input.

Teaching Staff: Miss G Skinner
Mr A Atkinson
Mr M Barker
Ms M Bowley
Mr E Churchill
Miss L Clayton
Miss L Clitheroe
Mr S Giles
Mr P Grist
Mr J Hooper
Mrs S Jackson
Mr R Snow
Mrs S Thompson
Ms J Watson
Miss A Wilding
Mr K Wilson